- Domestic and organic seasonal vegetables, mainly from Kansai

- Vegetables that are cooked, as usual, focusing on safe, secure, and health-conscious ingredients.

- Slightly rare vegetables found in media and supermarkets

- Vegetables that you don't know how to cook.


We use French, Italian, Chinese, ethnic, and Japanese cooking techniques to prepare carefully and season each ingredient, and use enough light-colored and green-yellow vegetables to get a full day's worth.


We also use enzymes and spices from the malt as seasonings and prepare meals that suit today's food culture, low in salt and sugar, and compatible with sugar restriction and botanical cuisine.

- A menu that emphasizes the seasons, dishes that make the vegetables themselves genuinely delicious, and various masterpiece course meals. 


- A "Botanical Healthy Course" where you can enjoy vegetable dishes prepared with seasonal vegetables as the main ingredient,
from appetizers to desserts, with a small amount of animal protein (seafood and chicken) as a side dish to incorporate nutrition.


-- Seasonal vegetables that are carefully cooked and seasoned one by one are served in a gorgeous manner,
and you can simply taste the taste of the ingredients with olive oil, rock salt, and pepper <6-color-coded bouquet salad >


- A classic original menu using Japanese ingredients such as dashi, miso, yuba, and amazake, as well as spices from around the world


- The "Degustation Course," a collection of Western-style kappo sora specialties that offer high quality and delicious international cuisine 


- Risotto with vegetable broth and nama-fu


- Marinated and braised Omi beef stew with Japanese sake


- Selected brewed sake called "organic wine from around the world, Kansai craft beer, sake that goes well with Western food."


We have deliberately removed brewed sake, which has a strong character and is delicious by itself.

We have only sour dishes, salty dishes, flavored dishes, spicy dishes, and umami dishes that go well with each other.