Food culture 

When I was the head chef of a foreign hotel in Kyoto, I was involved in the cultivation of organic vegetables grown in Kyoto, which made me realize the excellent taste of seasonal vegetables.
I realized anew the importance of eating those delicious vegetables in season.


With this in mind, I have created a menu of safe and secure seasonal vegetables and ingredients, mainly from the Kansai region, domestic, organic, and pesticide-free, with an awareness of the four seasons and according to the availability of seasonal vegetables.

The restaurant's motto is to make people healthy and beautiful from the inside out through health-conscious cooking.

We carefully prepare and season vegetables that are cooked as usual, vegetables seen in the media and supermarkets, and vegetables that are not easy to handle, and serve them in lavish amounts that provide enough light-colored and green-yellow vegetables for a day.
We offer healthy meals that meet the needs of today's food culture.


Many different countries' cuisines 

When I was working overseas, I enjoyed many different countries' cuisines in an environment very familiar to me, and I could stimulate my taste buds with dishes that used many spices and herbs.

In Japan, we are accustomed to a diet based on the taste buds that we are used to, which is less stimulating than in other countries. I felt that the globalization of our taste buds is lagging.


As I look back, when I was working at a foreign-affiliated hotel, I had the opportunity to learn not only French and Italian cuisine but also European, American, and Asian cuisines from around the world and authentic Japanese cuisine from Kyoto's long-established ryotei restaurants.


We'd like more people to have a global food experience in a space where they can discover new things and travel the world of food by pairing dishes from around the globe that transcend genres such as French bistro, Italian bar, Japanese kappo, and Western cuisine with natural wines, Kansai craft beer, unique Japanese sake, and other brews.

We hope that many more people will experience global food.



He has worked in foreign hotels in Osaka, Tokyo, and Kyoto and restaurants overseas. During his tenure as head chef of a foreign hotel in Kyoto, he has entertained VIP guests worldwide with not only Japanese, French, and Italian cuisine but also American and Asian cuisine.

 Besides, he has had many opportunities to work with long-established ryotei restaurants in Kyoto. He has experienced the essence of traditional Japanese food and learned about the universal taste through food culture in Japan and abroad.

Passion for food ingredients

He focuses on domestic, organic, and pesticide-free seasonal vegetables so that people can eat safely and healthily even when eating out.

He has been growing, harvesting, and cooking organic vegetables in Kyoto for several years, and has come to realize how important it is to grow vegetables that are rich in life force and how to enhance the natural power of the ingredients. I am particular about my cooking methods.


In addition, he has been involved in sake brewing for several years.
He is responsible for the business of making sake with a distinctiveness that is easily understood by people overseas from a global perspective, and that goes well with overseas food.

*Etiquette design, including bottle and label

*Taste of sake that is easy for overseas people to drink and enjoy

*He worked with a local sake brewery in Osaka on a new type of sake that proposes a way of drinking that can be enjoyed with the cuisine of one's own country alongside the same brewed wine or beer.

Our Approach to Food

A space where you can experience the global food culture and taste of the world,
including French, Italian, Japanese, and Asian food beyond the framework of Western food.

Based on my many years of experience in the food industry, I have created a space where customers can experience a global food culture where various cultures intersect without being bound by stereotypes by pairing world cuisine, including a French bistro, Italian bar, and Japanese kappo, with natural wine, Kansai craft beer, unique sake, and other brewed liquors.
We will create a cozy hideaway restaurant that will stimulate our sensible customers' senses and allow them to experience a world trip of food with unexpected discoveries.

Our commitment


We use domestic and organic seasonal vegetables and ingredients, as well as enzymes from malt, to make the most of the original taste of the ingredients so that you can have a safe, healthy meal even when eating out.
We offer high-quality Western cuisine rich in vegetables, vegan, gluten-free, and botanical, and that is compatible with today's food culture.

We present not only Western and Japanese cuisine but also a variety of dishes that are low in salt by using spices and herbs while making the best use of ingredients using cooking techniques from around the world. We are a vital ally to support your health-conscious lifestyle.

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